DELUX Upgrades the Brand Logo to Constantly Devote Itself to Gaming Peripherals

  In March 2018, DELUX officially announced the upgrade of its brand logo. As a world-renowned peripheral manufacturer, DELUX is no longer confined to traditional PC peripherals, but will play a role in e-sports peripherals, artificial intelligence and other fields. The brand-new logo indicates that DELUX has embarked on a new journey with novel corporate culture.You will find a new logo in our website, social media platform, product packaging and store display, providing you a fresh sensory experience.

Original version

Upgraded version

The design of single X sets a visual hammer for the brand, and is a unique visual memory spot.

  Since 2016, DELUX has embarked on sweeping changes in the company’s internal structure and corporate image, with e-sports themed gaming peripherals showing off the cool image of “more than e-sports”. This logo promotion represents the new brand vitality, a clearer brand personality, and an enterprise culture that meets the demands of new-generation values. While combining Internet genes, the new image also takes into account the quality of fashion business and the visual impact of e-sports. The futuristic visual language has granted the brand more associations with black techs. With such a breakthrough, DELUX will burst out infinite charm in diverse platforms and channels. 

  “We have been working on innovation to provide more fancy gaming peripherals to give users a sound experience,” said David Xiai, chairman of DELUX, “We are facing a changeable world, which is changing with each passing day. Our products have made great progress along with the changes in technologies, business philosophies and users. At present, it is the right time to optimize and upgrade DELUX’s brand and develop the brand economy.”

  The launch of the new SLOGAN not only reflects DELUX’s attitude of “pursuing perfection” to production , but also highlights the will and determination of DELUX in the field of gaming peripherals. DELUX will provide players with fantastic emotional exchanges and resonance.

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